Simple. Powerful.

Now you have the time to focus on coaching.

Record Your Games in HD

We all like watching game film, but now you'll absolutely love it with crystal clear quality.

Upload With Your Browser

Use your Mac or PC. There's no need to use anything other than the computer you always use. We accept any video file format.

We Break It Down

Yup, you read that right! Within 6-12 hours your game has breakdowns specific to your sport.

Search Your Games

Using your web browser, iPad, or iPhone, watch and search across all your games for key situations.

Get Your Game Stats

Each sport has the key statistical data and box scores you expect to see for a game.

Share Your Games

Easily create accounts for coaches, athletes, and guests so they can login and watch video. VidSwap is also non-exclusive, meaning you can easily share and exchange video with non-VidSwap members by sending them secure email links.

Pull Out Highlights

Create great video presentations by pulling out highlights for your team. Each account can pull out their own highlights, so players can easily capture their highlight reel and send it off to recruiters.


Create specific and targeted review points for your athletes and coaches. Coaches can collaborate on specific clips and telestrations and then send them to the athletes who need to know this information. The best part? You get a detailed report on the recipients time spent on the review.

Take your video analysis to a whole new level.

Need an easy way to do your video editing?

VidSwap is perfect for any level organization - from youth to professional.

Playbased Analysis.

For play based sports like football, baseball, and softball we add play data that allows you to filter for any situation or tendency.


Timeline Based Analysis.

For continuous play sports like basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and hockey we mark clips on the timeline as they happen for situations, shots, and players. Allowing you to then instantly watch specific highlights, situations, and players.



Use the VidSwap app on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device to watch video and take it with you anywhere. It features offline support for those times you find yourself without great internet access.


Custom Stats

We auto generate team and player stats for you. Get in-depth game and cumulative stats for every game and player instantly.

You can also completely customize all of your statistical reporting. Use any formula - like you would in a spreadsheet.



Get interactive shot charts and heatmaps. Search across a whole season to see location tendencies for multiple event types.



Create playbooks and presentations online and in your browser. Send athletes and coaches specific things to review.


Custom Data

On top of our basic game data, create your own custom data for more in-depth analysis. This means you can add your own offensive or defensive calls such as formations, play calls, or fronts. Then generate any statistics you need off these data points. The possibilities are endless.


Player Controls

You'll have access to all of the playback controls you need: play/pause, slow motion forwards/backwards, FF/RW, step forward/backward, +-5 seconds, next/previous play. You can even grab the time bar and scrub the video frame by frame for a more indepth look. All player controls can be accessed by the mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

You can also use any programmable game controller to control video playback. Simply map the keyboard shortcuts to the buttons you prefer.



Save your telestrations and coaching points right on the video.



Provide secure access to your entire team. Don't waste time making lots of DVDs. Create accounts for coaches, athletes, and guests.


Multiple Angles

Upload multiple angles for all our sports. Easily capture multiple synchronous angles with VidSwap LIVE or VidSwap camera kits.


Pull Out Highlights

Create highlights at the push of a button. Coaches and player can easily create highlights for presentation or to send off to recruiters.


Email Video

Easily exchange and share video with non VidSwap members. They can watch the videos in their browser or download it to the desktop. Use our two-way swap to create a 'high noon' swap: share video with an opponent who won't be able to watch that video until they share video with you.


Schedule Exchange

For certain leagues, our game exchange schedule automates and manages the entire game exchange process. Easily enforce game film exchange compliance across your whole league.



Our review system is revolutionary. It will change how you communicate your coaching and teaching points to your team. You can be very specific about who you are sending certain information to, and you can collaborate and converse about those review points. Best of all, you can hold people accountable by getting detailed reports: including information like how long they spent on the review point, and how many times they have looked at it.