Live Video

Get instant replay on the bench or contest the call with our live video system.


Winning isn't easy. Keep it simple.

Get real-time insights on the bench or the field. Mastery demands the right tools. Video speaks volumes. Make those corrections when you need them most: in the game.

During the game

Make adjustments and learn from mistakes in the game.

Tag your own data

Pull out the key insights you want instantly.

Challenge Review System

Did your officials make a bad call? If your conference supports CRS use, LIVE is the most affordable option.

Teach Players

Make adjustments when you need them most. Our easy-to-use in-game network gives your athletes the easiest way to learn

VidSwap LIVE pricing

Let us know if you have any questions.

Live (User)
$ 999 /yr
iPad version
simple live tagging
supports up to 4 cameras
(camera kits not included)
Live (Non User)
$ 1499 /yr
iPad version
simple live tagging
supports up to 4 cameras
(camera kits not included)
Live PRO
$ 3995 /yr
on-premise server version
advanced live tagging
supports up to 10 cameras
(camera kits not included)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload from LIVE into my VidSwap account?

Yes you can! We support multiple synced angles on VidSwap. Our live system is the easiest way to get that video into the system.

How many cameras can I use?

Our iPad version supports up to four camera angles. The PRO version supports much more.

Is this legal to use in my conference?

You would need to check with your conference office about that. Even if it isn't, this is a great tool to use during practice.

How does this work?

VidSwap LIVE sets up a local network for your mobile devices to connect on, allowing you to stream live video to all your devices.

Questions? You can call our sales team at 888-351-5783.