Video Exchange

Easy conference game video exchange.

Why complicate matters

Our league exchange service is just that: simple. In addition, any teams wanting extra analysis can do it right on VidSwap.

Access anywhere

The exchange is all in the cloud. Share and watch from any device.

Tag your own data

Pull out the key insights you want instantly or have us do it for you.

Share with your team

Control access for anyone on your team.

Teach Players

Athletes can pull out clips to make their own highlight reels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have you log my games?

Yes you can! Any game in the system we can break down.

Can I tag my own data?

Absolutely. Use the language you want for your clips and data.

What if someone doesn't upload?

The conference office can configure the system to lock out those who don't comply with league rules.

Can I access this on my phone?

Yup, there are android and iOS apps you can use to access the league exchange.