Lacrosse Video Analysis

We break down your games in 6-12 hrs.

Let us be your lacrosse video editing assistant!

For lacrosse video analysis, we edit and break down your games within 6-12 hours, so you can start coaching sooner. We mark clips on the timeline (as they happen) for situations, shots, and players, allowing you to then instantly watch your lacrosse game film for specific highlights, situations, and players. We tag period, faceoff (men's), draws (women's), possessions, clears, man up, shots, ground balls, turnovers, and fouls.


Lacrosse video analysis made simple.

You upload. We break it down. And it's all on the web. That's it. It is that simple. Throw away your complicated video analysis manuals. Forget about all the bells and whistles you never use. Get what you really need: something simple, something powerful, something that does the work for you! And that's VidSwap - your lacrosse video assistant.

Come join the VidSwap revolution. Play Smarter!

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Powerful analysis features with intuitive easy-to-use interfaces. Don't be confused anymore by your sports video editing platform.


Sharing your game breakdowns with the whole team is a given with VidSwap. That's how it works out of the box!


Get your game breakdowns on the road with our amazing iPad, iPhone, or Android app. Taking your games with you has never been easier.